As a company Steinberg are associated with fusing modern technology and creativity and their cubase tutorials ethos is to help artists develop their craft in manner ins which prioritise creativity. To date, affordable modern technology has actually put them at the forefront of the songs industry. Their front runner electronic sound workstation Cubase has actually consistently ticked both of those boxes. Recently launched at NAMM, Steinberg’s Cubase 6 changes Cubase 5 and guarantees to be a lot more effective, however does it actually supply for artists.

Steinberg’s attempts to make Cubase the first stop for recording, modifying, blending and also creating top quality, professional songs. New functions as well as improvements include an innovative multi-track modifying device, a brand-new take-comping system and VST Expression 2. The polished user interface gives much faster access and also even more instinctive control, whilst new as well as better effects and tools include HALion Sonic SE with over 900 audios, VST Amp Shelf virtual guitar amplifier, LoopMash2 for remixing loops as well as Groove Agent ONE drum equipment.

The main allure of Cubase 6 remains in its user-friendly flexibility, combined to detailed control where it’s required. Judging by our first impressions, musicians from rock bands to DJs as well as authors to singers will discover the devices, results and also simplicity of usage of great charm. For the beginner there is a Task Assistant with design templates to get them begun as well as also 2 hours of in-depth hd video clip tutorials. More advanced users and also specialists will be more than pleased with the massive range of opportunities that Cubase 6 deals, of course with Steinberg’s well-known cross-platform versatility for Mac or COMPUTER individuals.


Vocalists will like HALion Sonic SE with its bank of online instruments as well as sounds to produce support for vocals. Made use of in Cycle mode a vocalist can videotape numerous takes in fast sequence and Cubase will develop a lane track for every of the takes. Once the best bits are chosen Cubase will after that create a master from them. High quality EQs, reverbs, a professional de-esser as well as a Pitch Correct plug in for modifying offer an actual specialist gloss to the completed product. From ‘comping’ right through to Red Book mastering, Cubase 6 ought to interest vocalists of all persuasions.

For composers, this latest edition of Cubase could well be the answer to all their prayers. MIDI notes being played are converted directly to musical notation, whereupon ball game can after that be modified with over one hundred expert notation symbols. Directions kept in mind in ball game Editor are converted into MIDI to be made use of with VST instruments in real time. VST Expression 2 gives tool articulation and dynamics, coupled with HALion’s superior high quality orchestral sounds. Cubase has a heritage that has actually constantly provided it something of an edge when it pertains to structure as well as racking up, however the new offering enhances process substantially.

For those in digital songs manufacturing from DJs to producers the Groove Agent ONE drum device, LoopMash2 and also the beat designer must motivate some fantastic beats and also loops. The VST interface makes it easy to attach equipment synths and samplers. With over sixty audio impacts including reverb, hold-ups, inflection results as well as dynamic cpus, 18 MIDI results including the Arpache arpeggiator and an Arranger function, which makes it possible for the real-time performer to define particular sections for playing in a picked order there is plenty of range for pressing real-time digital music in brand-new directions thanks to the development of Cubase 6.

The unlimited variety of audio tracks as well as lane track gadget for fast multi-take comping makes Cubase 6 ideal for bands whether it is utilized in a wedding rehearsal space or recording studio. Integrated audio pre-record feature avoids an excellent take being missed. Pitch Correct and VariAudio serve devices, while Track Edit Teams can be turned on to connect relevant events on several tracks to conserve time when modifying. The online control space consists of 4 studio buses for specific submixes, talkback feature, different metronome bus as well as 4 display arrangements. The headphone mix for musicians and vocalists and also 6 links to external audio sources will be available in very convenient for all Cubase users, yet especially for bands.

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